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5 Daily Self-Care Rituals

5 Daily Self-Care Rituals

Meet our Guest Blogger!
Introducing our Guest Blogger Amie, a 28 year old freelance Personal Trainer, Blogger and Recipe Developer, and the face of Fitness Forster. Health is a huge part of her life, as well as a love for travel, cooking and spending time with loved ones. She loves helping and encouraging others to live their healthiest lives, and excitingly will be working with us at EatZest to spread a positive message!

Self-care is something that has recently come alive in the media and across social media. It’s become a popular topic of conversation between celebrities, fitness coaches and health professionals as well as the general public; and you can see why. With our lives getting busier and busier every day we are struggling to juggle work, socialising, play and general ‘me time’.

When we have so much to do and fit in it’s easy to get caught up in everything and put ourselves and our own well-being at the bottom of the list; but this shouldn’t be happening. We have this fear that if we put ourselves before everyone else we will be seen as selfish and only thinking of ourselves. Surely our own well-being and health should come before anything else?! The answer here is yes, it should be. But with our hectic lives, how can we fit in any time for this?

Here are 5 daily self-care rituals that don’t require all the time in world and will make you feel great about yourself.

1. Be Selfish
That’s right, take time for you! Do something every day that makes you happy! Whether that’s simply having your coffee in bed in the morning or going for a walk, do it! The truth is you aren’t being selfish, you are taking care of yourself and being happy starts with the actions you take on a daily basis.

2. Pause

Just stop for one, two or maybe even five minutes. Stop and walk away from whatever you’re doing. Pausing and taking a few deep breaths can do wonders for the mind, body and soul. It’s amazing how many amazing ideas and thoughts have come to mind when I have stopped and moved away from everything I’ve been doing.

3. Move Your Body

You don’t have to sign up to a gruelling 45 minute class and sweat it out. Foam roll, stretch, go for a walk, do some yoga, the options are endless! It’s a great way to reconnect with yourself and stop thinking about everything else. Exercise and moving your body really focuses the mind on what you are doing right now instead of thinking about all of those little life tasks that you need to get done.

4. Eat Well

It’s amazing what a healthy and well-balanced diet can do for us. Eating well makes us feel energised and great! Good food equals a good mood.

5. Get Outdoors

Fresh air and sunshine (I know, if you are in the UK then I know what you are thinking) can do wonders for how we feel. Sit in the garden, walk around the local park or simply just walk around the block. Just 5 minutes of fresh air and being outdoors can completely change your mood.

These are just 5 easy ways in which you can add a little more self-care to your daily routine. It’s more important than ever to look after ourselves and realise that we all need a little self-care and self-love.

Blog Post by Amie Dawson
Instagram: @amie_forster
Twitter: @fitnessforster
Facebook: FitnessForster


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