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How quickly can I get my meals?  

When your order is placed it’s then passed to Eat Zest chefs to begin preparing the individual ingredients. When placing your order a date will be specified. You will receive an email and text notification from the courier, specifying a 1 hour time slot on the date your order will be with you.

Order placed before Earliest I can receive my order:
12PM Monday Wednesday
12PM Tuesday Thursday
12PM Wednesday Friday
12PM Thursday Saturday
12PM Friday Monday
12PM Saturday Monday
12PM Sunday Tuesday

How much will it cost? 

All pricing is clearly displayed on site and will update in your shopping basket when multiple items are selected. Take a look at the menu page to get exact pricing for your meal choice.

How long do the meals stay fresh? 

All foods are freshly prepared and cooked in healthy rapeseed oil by Zest chefs using freshly sourced, high quality ingredients and meats. These are then packed in an insulated polystyrene box with ice packs keeping the meals cool until they reach your refrigerator or freezer. Once received ALL meals should be refrigerated immediately. Meals stay fresh between 3-5 days in the refrigerator but can be frozen for up to 3 months. There is a clear use by date displayed on the meals.

How do I know what’s in the meals? 

Each meal is labelled and the ingredients are clearly displayed on the packaging and on the product page for each meal. The meals will also show the nutritional breakdown so you know exactly what you are consuming. They are all GM free with no artificial flavours or colours.

What if I have intolerance's? 

All meal ingredients are clearly listed so you are able to check if a particular meal is suitable for yourself. There are no artificial colours or preservatives and the meat is free range British meat. At present we do not cater for intolerance's and cannot remove certain ingredients.

Can my meals be frozen? 

Yes! All meals can be frozen for up to three months. Please make sure meals are frozen before the use by date displayed on the label. All meals must be thoroughly defrosted prior to cooking.

What if I am not at home to receive my meals? 

Don’t worry! If you are not at home to receive your Zest delivery you will be given the option to leave it in a safe place or with a neighbour. Please provide a mobile number when placing the order so the courier can contact you. Ensure the safe place stated is out of direct sunlight. If no safe place is specified, the courier will be unable to deliver and no re-delivery attempt will be made. All meals that are unable to be delivered cannot be resold therefore will be destroyed at the customer's cost.

Can I change my order? 

Once an order has been placed, this is sent to the Zest chefs to begin preparing your order. We will make every attempt to process any changes up until 12pm on the day of purchase, we will confirm by phone or email if this is possible, after this time we can’t amend or cancel the order. That said, we are sure you’ll enjoy the tasty options you’ve selected.